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Friday, September 5, 2008

Playing Hard To Get With Women

you've probably met a lot of women you were
interested in but took you some time to actually get somehwere,
be it a number, a kiss or a full-monty.

It took some extra effort and light pushing to get that woman.
Now my question ... what is REALLY going on here. Why do women
sometimes play hard to get?

Basically, women do not want to come off as "easy" or "slutty".
That's why they set barriers and don't let guys any further
if a certain amount of time hasn't passed yet.

For example:

- When you try to speak to a woman,
they try to blow you out

- When you make an attempt to kiss them,
they are a bit hesitant

- When you want to get to 3rd base, they
push you away but still want to make out.

You know what all these signals mean?
They only mean one thing:


The slut-factor kicks back in or in other words,
she is actively thinking that "it isn't the right time yet".

Yes, she does want you to keep going but it is up to
her how far she will let you. But a "NO" doesn't mean
that you should stop right away and leave her be, hell no!

Just take a small step back, and after a couple of
minutes take 2 steps forward. If she says "NO" and
pushes your hand away, don't let it bother you and
just think "ahhh, she isn't ready yet ...let's chill
for a while and after 5 minutes ... it's on again"

I'll talk about persistence in another newsletter
but for now, you will need to know what you are dealing
with first.

All this behaviour is called "playing hard to get".
When a woman is being hard to get, you know what

It makes you want her even MORE

That's what we call "being a challenge".

Now let's turn the tables:

You see, women are not interested in men that are EASY to
get either. If she knows that you

a) would do ANY-thing to get her,
you aren't much of a challenge

b) generally don't have a lot of options,
you aren't really interesting

Look, it's pretty simple: Women always like what other
women like. If a girl sees some guy that has 2 women
on his arm (and doesn't behave like ... pardon my french
... a gaylord), they will automatically go "mmhh, check him out".

But if some nice-guy comes up to her and says
"Hi gorgeous, can I buy you a drink", the challenges is all gone.

Women always want what they

a) cannot have, and

b) isn't easy to get।

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