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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sex toy sale stuns Kiwi retailer

Amidst the recession, Wellington-based online sex shop has sold the first 18K
gold vibrator in New Zealand to a South Island woman.

The price — NZ$2,229 (RM5,325).

The gold vibrator, Yva by Lelo, was custom-made by the Swedish company Lelo and flown to New Zealand for the customer.

The adult toy and lingerie website was stunned when the sale took place because its owners were not expecting to sell such an expensive item in a recession. brand manager, Natalie Blakemore, said: “This really is the pièce de résistance of all vibrators,
so we were surprised to find that it had been sold during a time when money is supposedly so tight.”

She went on to say, “Every day you hear messages of doom and gloom about the recession, but we are yet to
feel the effects. Our customers are still clicking their way to the check-out, thick and fast.”

July was the biggest sales month to date for this Kiwi-owned company, who enjoyed 130 per cent growth in sales year on year.

When questioned about the secret of their success, Natalie said, “One factor is that people are becoming
more and more comfortable buying online, and that’s ideal for our range of products where privacy and discretion is so important.

“But also when times get tight people shop around for the best deal and that’s often found online.

“On a more personal level, we’re fortunate that the products we sell make people happy and increase the level of closeness and pleasure in their lives. In these difficult times, no matter how tough it’s been at the office, it’s good to go home to a nice bed — and a little intimacy.”

p/s:hey i had one..he3

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