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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

8 traits that Men find attractive in a Woman

Goes without saying – her smile can set our hormones raging with hunka hunka burning love. It’s like a magnet that draws our attention.

Let’s face it, no dude like a manly woman unless the dude’s having a serious sexual orientation issue. We are drawn to this simply because deep down inside, we’re small children and need your loving! Hence – the more delicate, soft, kind-hearted and caring you are, the more we love ya! But of course, it must come with confidence and not weak or overly shy.

Yowza! Need I say more? At times I wonder how the men living in India find their women attractive because almost all of them have deep low voices which is  a turn-off to most men.
But of course, lucky Mel has one good enough to put up with my crazy antics. We’re not saying that you should be able to make people laugh until snot comes out from their noses, but to understand and laugh at jokes.

Being down-to-earth and not high maintenance are turn-ons for men. We equate high maintenance to being snobbish bitchy character that will just be as annoying as a pimple on your face.

Weak women make us puke – hence strong personality coupled with her ability to make her own sound decisions are definitely a plus. But, please note there’s a difference between strong personality and being just plain ass stubborn.

Definitely! That’s why you see some women go all out to improve their eyes by wearing colored contact lenses and all that jazz. They know that some men can simply fall in love with the woman’s eyes – as the eyes say everything.

I always preferred women with long hair (pass the shoulders) because it’s feminine. All that talk about women having short hair is plain hogwash. Sure, you can have short hair when you’re older because you have passed the sell-by-date. Real men prefer women with long hair.

Is there other traits that you can think off? That question is directed to men ONLY, because women’s perception towards men liking stick figures and all the BS that the fashion world led them to believe is skewered.

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