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Thursday, September 22, 2011


1. Try speed dating and get a bunch of dates
lined up.

2. Join a fun adult learning class that a lot
of women will go to such as, like: Massage,
dancing, cooking.

3. Go on a road trip with some friends and visit
tourist areas where groups of single women (on
holiday) are looking to have some fun.

4. Eat out at a restaurant with a friend/some
friends. Chat up the waitresses.

5. Take public transport to a far away destination,
or into the city and chat to women who sit next to

6. Join a gym and start working out. Spark up
conversations with girls who are working out.
(Wait until they are having a break between sets).

7. Take a weekend holiday. Meet groups of single
women who are on holidays and looking for some

8. Go to a cultural event. Meet women of that
particular culture, or other women who've come
along to learn about the culture.

9. Join a mixed sports team. Meet women in the
team and make friends with new people.

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