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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Persia VS Israhell

Iran has never attacked another country. 
Israel has repeatedly attacked numerous countries, including the attack on the USS Liberty. 

Iran has not illegally developed nuclear weapons. 
Israel has developed an illegal secret nuclear weapons program that has produced hundreds of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. 

Iran has signed the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty. 
Israel refuses to sign the NPT. 

Iran's spies havent been caught stealing nuclear secrets from the US.
Israel's spies have been repeatedly caught, and Israel's current Prime Minister smuggled US nuclear triggers into Israel.

Iran hasn't sold US weapons and secret weapons technology to a US adversary.
Israel has been selling US weapons and secret weapons technology to China for decades.

Iran hasn't gotten thousands of US armed forces personnel killed and maimed in expensive wars for Iran.
Israel has repeatedly pushed the US to costly wars for Israel.

I could go on...but the point is this:

One who had not sworn an oath of peace could reasonably conclude that the US should be threatening to attack Israel, not Iran.

- Dave Evans Vancouver , Washington ( USA finest peace activist )

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