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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Effects Of Fuel XXXXX To My Life

1)it's time to setup my own bizz...bcoz if stay with the current job,im not going be alwaz mantaince flat,plain and even..the fuel rises but the salary is going to rise at "dont know when".

2)i need to find something that has a "fast growth" money making..and ofcoz it shud be a "bizz".

3)i dun need a small,big car with big engine anymore.

5)getting married at 30.

6)i need to think about bicycle.

7)i'll be an excellent cook.Eating outside wastes money.

8)i need to stop subscribing "streamex".

9)slow down my dating frequency schedule.

10)works likaaaa the workers at 24hours msmsk stall.

p/s: i dun know wat the hell im writing jus came out spontanoesly +_^

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