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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Women "Test" Men - How To Pass

Ever wonder why some men have such effortless success
with women? Truth is, it all comes down to having
just 1 "PRIMAL" QUALITY that attracts more women
than most men know what to do with... all without
using any "techniques", "mind games", or "pick-up" lines.
But here's the REALLY amazing thing:
right now, this same "primal quality" is inside of YOU, too.
And just by tapping into it, your whole

Wondering what that primal power is --
and how to harness yours right now?

Learn about it here:

Have you ever called a woman on the phone to
set up a date and she says: "Friday night? Sure.
Call me on Friday and we can talk about it..."?

Or, have you ever had a woman ask you if you're
"a player?"

Or, have you ever had a woman challenge you
about something ridiculous?

Or, have you ever had a woman call you five
minutes before a date and cancel?

Or, have you ever had a woman pout and get
upset because she didn't get her way?

Or, have you ever asked a woman for her number
and she says, "Why don't you give me your number
and I'll call YOU?"

Well guess what... you were being TESTED.

All of these are examples of common things
women do to "test" men.

On some level, the woman you were dealing with
was testing to see how much control she had in the
relationship... and how STRONG you were.

The paradox of "testing" is that if you COMPLY
with what a woman SEEMS to want, you will usually
FAIL the test.

Hey, I never said that women made sense... lol.

I was reading a great book recently called "The
Way Of The Superior Man", and inside the author
points out that a woman will often ask a man for
something DIRECTLY... but if he DOES what she
asks, she will be disappointed and ANGRY with him.

Ever been there?

So what's with this testing stuff, anyway?

Well, the answer is fascinating.

And before I tell you about why women TEST you,
I want to mention that there's a LOT more going on
"behind the scenes" when it comes to female
psychology and behavior. I believe that if you can
learn how to understand this "mating psychology,"
then you can learn to attract women MUCH faster...

p/s: i did test women frequently that was why, i knew much much thing about ( what is hidden inside their heart )

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