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Friday, April 22, 2011

Using Sexual "Chemistry" To Attract Women

When I first made the decision to learn how to become more successful with women and dating, one of the first things I did was meet and learn from guys who were ALREADY masters in this area.
I watched with my own two eyes as these guys approached women, started conversations, and created "chemistry"...right in front of me.
I would ask these guys questions about how they did it...and they'd answer with all kinds of different answers.
The truth is that most guys who know how to attract women will think you're a little WEIRD if you ask them how they do it.
To a "natural", it's OBVIOUS how to attract women. If you ask a NATURAL how to meet women, he'll say "just go over and start talking to her." As if it's that easy...
As you can imagine, this created a little bit of a problem for me.
I could SEE that these guys were able to attract women... and I could literally watch it happen over and over. But when it came to EXPLAINING what they were doing, most of these guys just didn't know how.
Well, the more I watched, and the more I asked...and the more I TESTED what I was learning from these guys, the more I began to realize that the reason they couldn't exactly explain what they were doing is because what they were doing was mostly NON-VERBAL.
It was a combination of several different types of "signals" they were sending to women... that these guys just "understood."
After a lot of study, testing, and trial-and- error, the picture began to come together for me...
What these "naturals" were doing was speaking a DIFFERENT language with women. It was a language that no one had ever actually described or explained to me...
The most interesting part?
As I started to do research on the topic, I found that even though this stuff was right out "in plain sight", no one had ever really noticed or DESCRIBED it.
To make a long story short, I took this new "secret" information that I discovered, and put together an entire program to teach it to other guys...
As far as I know, this is the only program of its kind ever created. In fact, I get emails all the time from guys who say that just one time through this program instantly changed their views on women and attraction...and allowed them to spark attraction and build "chemistry" or "sexual tension" with women in every type of situation...again, IMMEDIATELY.
I call this little-known language "Sexual Communication." I feel that it's one of the most important keys to success with women. In fact, I think that much of my success with women and dating is the direct result of learning and understanding this ONE concept.

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