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Thursday, June 30, 2011


27 June 2011
Kuala Lumpur, 27 June 2011 - The Standard Chartered KL Marathon has two new champions this year as Kennedy Kiproo Lilan of Kenya and Rose Kerubo Nyangacha, won the Men’s and Women’s Full Marathon with respective times of 2 hours 20 minutes and 8.07 seconds and 2 hours 34 minutes and 37.43 seconds.
Chesoo Jonathan Kipchirchir from Kenya took home the Men’s Full Marathon first runner-up trophy with a time of 2 hours 20 minutes and 8.82 seconds just ahead of Julius Ndiritu Karinga, also from Kenya, who clocked 2 hours 20 minutes and 13.58 seconds in third place. Rose Jepkemboi Chesire from Kenya was the second to cross the line in the Women’s Full Marathon category with a time of 2 hours 35 minutes and 11.43 seconds, while Ruth Jepkoech Kutol of Kenya finished third in the women’s category at 2 hours 37 minutes and 23.93 seconds.
Malaysian Full Marathoners were not far behind with defending champion Shaharudin bin Hashim achieving his 5th Full Marathon Malaysian Men’s Title and Emelyne Teo Jia Wei taking the Malaysian Women’s category with a time of 2 hours 42 minutes and 36.19 seconds and 3 hours 32 minutes and 24.69 seconds respectively.
Approximately 22,000 runners took off from the starting lines in Dataran Merdeka and Jalan Parliament throughout race day, solidifying Standard Chartered KL Marathon’s position as the largest marathon and most anticipated event in Malaysia. Yang Berbahagia Datuk Haji Salleh bin Yusup, Director General of Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, started off Race Day with a blast by firing the first gun to signal the start of the Full Marathon race.
Other dignitaries present at the marathon were Yang Berhormat Senator Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department; Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Youth and Sports, Malaysia; Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur; Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, Mr. Osman Morad, Managing Director and CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Mohd. Amin Osman, president of the Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association (FTAAA); Yang Berbahagia Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, president of the Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU); Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Paduka Dr. Hajah Mumtaz Begum Abdul Jaffar, Executive Director of the National Athletes Welfare Foundation (YAKEB); Mr. Chua Seck Guan, CEO of MSIG Insurance and Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd. Sheriff Mohd. Kassim.
Mr Osman Morad, Managing Director & CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad said, “For the third year in a row, Standard Chartered Bank is proud to be the title sponsor of the KL Marathon. It’s an event our staff look forward to with enthusiasm and enjoy by running, volunteering and cheering. I’m so pleased to see the Standard Chartered KL Marathon’s tremendous growth this year, with more and more Malaysians embracing the ‘marathon spirit’ that we aim to spread throughout the country.”
Mr Rainer Biemans, Project Director, Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 said, “The success of today’s event truly cements the Standard Chartered KL Marathon as one of Malaysia’s premiere sporting events. On behalf of the organisers, I would like to thank everyone for their dedicated support and commitment that went into making this day a great success and extend congratulations to all of the runners for running with us!”

Ngare Joseph Mwangi of Kenya took home the men’s half marathon title, clocking 1 hour 6 minutes and 58.12 seconds while Eunice Nyawira Muchiri, also from Kenya won the women’s category of the half marathon at 1 hour 18 minutes and 26.37 seconds.
In the Corporate Challenge category, in which organizations in Malaysia ran for charity, Telekom Malaysia clinched first place while Freelance Semiconductor and Ien Consultants Sdn. Bhd. followed behind in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
Meanwhile, the team from Ministry of Youth and Sports emerged champions of the Ministries Challenge category, followed by the teams from Ministry of Works and Ministry of Home Affairs in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
For the first time this year, 40 teams of five leading corporate and community leaders in Malaysia swapped their suits and ties for running shoes at the MSIG Ekiden relay race. The winners, Team New Balance were the fastest at passing their sash from one team member to the next, demonstrating their strong ability to work together as a team to achieve their goals.
In addition to MSIG Insurance, other sponsors of the 3rd Standard Chartered KL Marathon include the Gold Sponsors: New Balance, 100Plus, Honda, DoubleTree by Hilton and Timex. This year’s media sponsors are NTV7 and the New Straits Times Press which comprise of the New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Harian Metro. The event is sanctioned and supported by the relevant international and local sporting authorities - the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), Malaysia Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU), Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association (FTAAA), International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS), and National Fitness Council (NFC).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sify Home >> Finance >> International >> Using mobile phone for just 15 minutes a day ups brain cancer risk, claims study Share Comments | Share | Print | Rate ANI Using mobile phone for just 15 minutes a day ups brain cancer risk, claims study

A new research has indicated that using a mobile phone for just 15 minutes a day can substantially increase the risk of brain cancer among its users.
A series of studies across 13 countries found that the longer people used their mobile, the higher was the risk.
Elisabeth Cardis, leader of the Interphone Study, said an increased risk of brain tumours, known as gliomas, was seen in the 20 per cent of users with the highest exposure to radio-frequency emissions.
She said there was an increased risk of brain cancer close to where users held the phones to their heads.
Those who had used handsets for 15 minutes a day for seven years, showed a 72 per cent higher incidence of gliomas.
Gliomas are fatal, usually within three to five years of diagnosis, even with treatment.
"This research shows that heavy users are at the biggest risk and that there is a very high increase in the risk of brain cancer from just 15 minutes of mobile phone use. Fifteen minutes is really not that long any more," the Daily Express quoted Graham Lamburn, technical manager at independent watchdog Powerwatch, as saying.
"Many people use their phones for much longer than that each day now. If the indications in this study are right ... then this is a potential timebomb," added Lamburn.
The research comes just two weeks after the World Health Organisation warned for the first time that mobile phones may cause cancer, urging phone owners to limit their use. (ANI)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Is sex the only happy factor in marriage?

AFTER more than a decade of marriage, 40-something Susan* and her husband are still hot in between the sheets. However, all the action in bed is cooling off her feelings for her husband.
“I am tired all the time but he is just insatiable,” she confides.
Outside the bedroom, the two management-level professionals hardly communicate, unless there are problems with their children, or huge bills to settle.
Worse, she says, both are addicted to their smartphones.
“When we are together, our attention is on our phone reading updates and e-mail or just trying out new Apps.”
Although divorce is not on their minds, Susan admits that the romance is missing from their relationship.
Paul Jambunathan, a consultant clinical psychologist at Sunway Medical Centre, says lack of communication between husband and wife is the main cause of extra-marital affairs and divorces.
“The problem starts when the husband and wife start living on different planets and stop sharing their emotions or stop talking about something other than their children, bills and other domestic problems,” says Jambunathan, who is also a senior lecturer at Monash University Malaysia.
In a relationship, there are many variables because it involves two personalities or personas, he says.
“The two personas interact verbally and non-verbally. One of the most important issues in interaction is intimacy. Unfortunately, we have been relating intimacy to sex and equating sex only to sexual intercourse. What I am trying to say is that while sex is integral to a happy marriage, we need to define what sex is. Is it only intercourse?”
As he explains, sex is the sexuality expressed between two people and there is a wide spectrum of sexual behaviour.
“If you have feelings for someone, even touching and holding hands will already make you sexually excited. When you later get married and build on that love you have intercourse, sleep together, talk and spend more time together a different kind of sexual intimacy is built.”
Hence, Jambunathan, who has more than 25 years' experience as a consultant, is vexed by the comments made by the Obedient Wives Club (OWC), which suggested that to keep a man from straying from his marriage, the wife needs to please him in bed like a “first-class prostitute”.
“When couples in trouble seek my advice, they tell me that intercourse and sleeping in the same room do not necessarily help (mend their relationship). Sometimes it even creates complications.”
He stresses that it should not be about intercourse but making love.
“Love is not intercourse as people often equate it to; intercourse is a personal, committed and intricate intimacy but it does not last very long. Usually one hour after the act, the feeling is gone.”
Health research consultant Siti Norazah Zulkifli agrees, saying that sex will not sustain a marriage if there are other major problems.
“Sex, no matter how good, is not the only thing that keeps a marriage happy. Couples choose to marry for various reasons love, attraction (physical and mental), companionship, economics, social expectations, offspring ... Sex is only one reason.
“In tribal cultures, for example, land ownership or the number of cows he or she owns may be a factor. Actually, economics may well be a consideration in modern marriages too, and how important one factor is over another depends on the individual.”
Once married, and especially over time, she says, other factors will contribute towards maintaining happiness in marriage.
This includes whether they meet each other's expectations, how they cope with stressful events and their level of commitment to their marriage, compromises each has to make for the other, whether they “grow apart” as individuals and their marital values.
“Not everyone subscribes to monogamy, for example,” she says.
Siti Norazah nonetheless concedes that in the literature on what makes happy marriages, sex does predominate as a topic of discussion.
“It may seem that most marriages break up because of some sexual issue (notably, sexually unsatisfied husbands). We should be aware, however, that sometimes what is expressed as a sexual problem has its roots in something else, such as failed expectations. For example, if a person feels resentment towards his or her spouse, it will affect his or her sexual desire to that spouse.”
Some people, perhaps men more so, associate sex with love, she points out.
“Some men feel that his wife doesn't love him if she rejects his sexual advances. Equally, a wife would feel the same way if her husband doesn't want to make love to her. In sum, an individual's sexual development is complex, beginning from a young age, and becomes intrinsic to his or her personality.”
Siti Norazah makes an interesting point, highlighting that most of the studies on marriage and sexual attitudes are based on Western ideals.
“We should recognise that people have different sexual attitudes and sex drives. How they were brought up, sexual norms in their society and culture, exposure to external social influences (for example living abroad or the media), their personality, their sex hormone levels (testosterone, notably) and other factors influence how important sex is to them and how they express their sexual needs.”
Still, she feels that in conservative and chauvinistic cultures, men may not want their wife to be sexually aggressive or “act like a prostitute”.
She opines that the OWC prostitute statement will create a gender bias one that will compound the attitude that there are two types of women the ones they will marry and the ones with whom they will have fun (have sex with) but never marry.
“Conversely, girls may be brought up to repress their sexual desire so the message that their husband's happiness depends on her sexual performance puts the blame on her should there be any marital problem.
“For a married couple, it is not sex per se but sexual incompatibility that could breed resentment or dissatisfaction and cause marital problems such as adultery and divorce.”
According to consultant psychologist Valerie Jaques, a study she conducted a number of years ago showed that one of the most significant factors for high marital satisfaction is when there is a greater awareness and accurate perception of the needs of a marriage partner.
“So when the husband is aware of the wife and perceives her needs accurately by effective communication and vice-versa then there is high marital satisfaction.”
She highlights that it is not just intercourse that reflects how good a marriage is, but rather the intimate and mutual sex in the relationship.
“Very often, if one party is upset or hurt with the other and there is a strain in the relationship, there is lack of sexual intimacy in the marriage. This is different from just having sex to fulfil a need,” she shares.
More importantly, stresses Jaques, although sex is one of the many important elements that make up a marriage, it definitely does not mean that marriage is a legal means for a man to rape his wife. Neither should the wife allow the husband to take advantage of her for his needs.
“Many women are made to believe that they do not have rights in their marriage and that only the husband's rights are to be met,” she says.
Jambunathan agrees that a man does not have the right to demand for sex without consideration of the woman's needs and wants.
“He cannot say I want it now, so give it to me. The woman is an equal partner in the relationship and she has a right to decide the level of intimacy and the platform of the relationship.”
He also disputes the belief that men's biological make-up makes them sexual at all ages and that they have high sexual needs until they die.
“As you get older, your body gets older and your biology will not allow you to have intercourse,” he says, highlighting that half of heart patients are men, and that “many cannot get it up because of their medication”.
However, attitude may come into play and corrupt emotions where the emotions are twisted “will make you think you must have intercourse at any age 60, 70, 80 regardless of your partner's wants”, he says.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best Beds for SXX

Want more and better sex? We've got the solution. Hint: A good romp starts with the right bed and mattress. 

Last spring, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that one-third of adults surveyed would buy a new mattress if they thought it would improve their sex life.

"A good mattress can not only make sex more enjoyable and comfortable, but it also helps you get a better night's sleep," says sex therapist and "Book of Love" author Dr. Laura Berman. "This translates into energy, rest and, hence, an improved sex drive."

Photo: Getty

With all the types of beds and mattresses on the market, it can be hard to narrow down which one will hit the spot. But after a little research, we've figured out the best beds for sex.

Foam May Kill the Mood
The biggest complaint about memory foam is that it gets hot, and it responds to heat by softening. This creates almost a dough-like feeling, which easily kills the mood.

The advantage of a foam mattress for sleeping could be a major disadvantage for getting frisky: There's virtually no bounce. You've all seen the commercial where a person rolls around on a foam mattress while a glass of wine is sits on the bed next to them not moving at all. That's the point. Foam molds around your body and absorbs your movements. Therefore it's tough to maneuver quickly on it and it will sink when pressure is put on it.

For Better Bounce, Try...
A standard (and less expensive) coil mattress will bounce back during the sexy fun, helping to create a rhythm and allowing for more acrobatic movements. There is a disadvantage to coils: Some of your energy will be absorbed in the bounce and you'll have to exert more energy to keep up with the passion (maybe an argument for older folks to favor memory foam). Also as a coil mattress ages, it runs the risk of becoming squeaky, a problem you won't have with foam.
Photo: Getty

For Better Leverage, Reconsider...
Foam. Since foam mattresses mold to your body, they also mold to your partner's, keeping he or she in place. Your partner won't have to brace himself to keep from slipping or moving. This allows you to get into some creative positions without worrying that a limb will go numb.

Beware the Tired Bedframe
Of course the mattress is only one part of the equation for a sexy bed. A good bedframe is equally important in setting the mood. A friend of mine inherited an antique sleigh bed from his grandmother. He thought it would impress the ladies, but it tends to squeak. "Very unsexy," he says. Also, when a bed is mentioned in the same sentence as "grandmother," it loses some romance. But you already knew that.

New beds sometimes can be no better. A disgruntled shopper at a popular furnishings store wrote a long diatribe on Apartment Therapy when he discovered the wooden support slats under his platform bed had broken after a particularly wild night.

Cecile and Gigi, founders of the popular sex and dating blog It's Not Okay to Look, have taken note of various guys' beds over the years, and they have a few ideas about which kinds of beds are best for getting busy. Cecile is a girl who likes comfort. Her lush bed has one of the softest mattresses on the market; it's topped with no less than 12 pillows. But regardless of her bed's comfort -- which in fact, she says is a bit too soft for sex -- Cecile has another problem: Wheels. Her bedframe has, on occasion, cruised around the room during sex.
"Lock them," she advises. "My own bed moves so much, there was one night that I definitely hit all four walls -- it was a good night."

Tips for a Sexier Bed
Cecile's boyfriend sleeps on a futon. When she first met him, it was on the floor. But in the year they've been together, she's been adamant about the need for a frame. It doesn't have to be fancy, she says, but some elevation is necessary and can add to the fun. An elevated bed introduces a whole new set of creative coital positions, including standing ones.

Cecile says that placement is important as well. She doesn't like that her boyfriend's futon is floating in the middle of a room. "Make sure that the bed is against at least one wall," she says. "Sometimes a lady needs to lean against something."

Cecile's co-founder Gigi has her own rules: Twin mattresses are no-no's, and a guy better have more than one pillow. She says that a sturdy, firm mattress and bedframe are essential. "I don't want to hear your headboard slamming against the wall repeatedly and I guarantee your roommates/neighbors/landlord don't want to hear it either," she says.

While the ideal surface and setting are all well and good, sex therapist Brenda Lewis cautions against becoming dependent on external factors to create great intimacy. A couple who already has a great relationship is likely to enjoy themselves no matter the setting. "Sex is not confined to a perfect mattress or lighting," she says, but "creating a setting for intimacy can add to the experience, absolutely."

So light some candles, break out the scented oil, but don't count on your bed alone to improve your sex life.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wheels: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Skateboard wheels have gone through a dramatic change since the early 1900's when kids took roller skate wheels and nailed them to a two-by-four. Those early wheels were usually steel, which offered a rough ride, to say the least. Worse, steel wheels offered little or no traction, so riding these boards was pretty much a straight-ahead proposition. In the late 1950's, the first commercial skateboards appeared, though most boards were still homemade. By the 1960's, some advances in roller skate design led to the appearance of clay wheels. These were an improvement over metal wheels, but not by much. As one early rider described the ride, circa 1961: "It was wobblier than hell, moved way too fast, and vibrated on the asphalt enough to jar every bone in your body and loosen every tooth. It was more like getting electrocuted than anything else." (Bob Schmidt, quoted in The Concrete Wave, 1999)
But it wasn't until the early 1970's that a pair of wheel innovations would arrive that would help turn skateboarding, "from a funky, surfing activity, what you would do when the waves were down, into a real bonafide sport," according to Tim Piumarta. The urethane wheel and the press-in precision bearing changed skateboarding forever, and led to the next big explosion in skateboard popularity.
The first urethane wheels were the handiwork of Frank Nasworthy, who, after seeing some experimental urethane roller-skate wheels in a friend's backyard in 1970, realized that such wheels could be used for skateboards. Nasworthy and his friends tried them, and found that the old tooth-jarring ride was gone, replaced by a ride of unprecedented smoothness and stability. Skateboarding was in a dead period in the early 70's, but Nasworthy's wheels, called Cadillacs, began to catch on.
Fausto Vitello explained why urethane was perfect for wheels: "Urethane has some unique properties. The first is that it has really good abrasion resistance, which means that the wheel will last a while. The second one, even more important, is that urethane gives a really good grip with the ground. It will slide if you push it hard, but it gives great traction. So that means you can control your board. And the last is that modern urethanes have a real high resiliency, or rebound, which means that although the wheels have no pneumatic tube or anything (they're solid), they're still able to be very fast."
He also points out that with wheels, adding cool colors may actually weaken the wheel. "Urethane is normally a whitish clear color, when it's poured with no other agents. Dyes or pigments take up room (in the structure of the wheel) that would normally be actual urethane. Less urethane means less resiliency in the wheel. Dyes are arguably better than pigments, which really take up a lot of space. But some people argue that dyes alter the chemical structure of the urethane itself. When people are really looking for a high-performance wheel, we recommend a clear wheel."
So, as the wheel turns, the section of the wheel that is in contact with the ground is flattened a little bit by the weight of the skater pressing down. Engineers refer to this flattening as deformation. A resilient urethane wheel returns to its round shape very quickly, pressing back out against the pavement before the wheel loses contact with the ground. If the wheel rebounds more slowly, after the flattened section has rolled away from the ground, the energy that has gone into the deformation is lost, and the wheel rolls more slowly. You might think that a wheel that didn't deform at all would be better. But, as Exploratorium Physicist Paul Dougherty explained, "a wheel that is too hard would actually press on the pavement so that the pavement would deform, and more energy would be lost that way." In addition, a harder wheel loses the shock absorbing and ride-smoothening properties that were such an improvement over the early clay and metal wheels.

Friday, June 3, 2011

9 Langkah Persediaan Larian Marathon

Semakin hari larian marathon menjadi terkenal di Malaysia. Pelbagai faktor boleh dikaitkan dengan peningkatan pembabitan masyarakat. Apa pun faktornya, ini adalah satu perkembangan positif.
Anda berminat tetapi takut untuk menyertainya? Atasi masalah tersebut dengan tip-tip yang bakal dikongsikan ini. Penyertaan anda kali ini pasti akan memberi kenangan manis kepada hidup anda.
  1. 1. Pilih Kasut Yang Betul : Pemilihan kasut adalah sangat penting untuk memastikan kelancaran larian anda. Pemilihan kasut yang bantu boleh mengurangkan kecederaan semasa larian. Secara asasnya ada 3 jenis kasut: ‘stability’, ‘cushion’ dan ‘motion control’. Sebelum anda membuat keputusan untuk membeli kasut, minta bantuan dari kakitangan kedai untuk membatu anda membuat ujian untuk menentukan kesesuaian kasut terhadap anda.
  2. 2. Rakan Untuk Latihan : Untuk larian yang baik, anda perlukan sekurang-kurangnya seorang rakan untuk berlatih bersama. Dalam erti kata lain, kita perlukan bantuan dari seorang yang boleh dipercayai untuk memberi semangat disamping melakukan latihan larian bersama.
  3. 3. Berlatih Dengan Menggunakan ‘Heart Rate Monitor’ : Anda boleh mengenalpasti kemampuan dan kelajuan anda dengan lebih tepat. Latihan anda akan lebih berkesan kerana anda boleh menguji kemampuan degupan jantung anda pada kadar yang berbeza. Menariknya juga anda boleh mengetahui jumlah kalori yang dibakar. Disamping itu perubahan degupan jantung juga boleh memberitahu anda samada anda tidak cukup rehat atau tidur dan mungkin juga berlakunya dehidrasi.
  4. 4. Lari Untuk Jangka Masa Panjang : Peruntukkan sekurang-kurangnya satu hari untuk berlari dalam tempoh masa yang agak panjang. Anda tidak perlu melakukan larian setiap hari. Larian yang terlalu kerap boleh mendedahkan anda kepada risiko berlakunya kecederaan. Kebanyakkan kecederaan berlaku kerana terlalu banyak berlari dan bukan kerana lari dengan laju.
  5. 5. Makanan Karbohidrat : Pastikan 60% dari diet harian anda dilengkapi karbohidrat. Anda perlu tahu bahawa karbohidrat tidak akan membuatkan anda gemuk malah merupakan sumber utama tenaga anda. Ramai yang berlari untuk tujuan penurunan berat badan tidak mengambil karbohidrat secukupnya. Tindakan ini sebenarnya membantutkan proses pembakaran lemak yang sepatutnya berlaku. Jika anda berlari marathon dan masih mengalami masalah berat badan, anda mungkin tidak mengambil makanan secukupnya. Anda boleh gunakan ‘heart rate monitor’ untuk mengetahui jumlah kalori yang dibakar dan isi semula kalori yang telah dibakar itu. Tetapi pastikan anda mengambil makanan-makanan yang rendah lemak.
  6. 6. Minum Air : Anda perlu minum air secukupnya. Air dapat membantu membekalkan semula cecair badan yang keluar semasa larian anda. Dengan cuaca di Malaysia yang agak panas, air sangat mustahak. Pelbagai komplikasi boleh berlaku akibat kekurangan air dalam badan.
  7. 7. Latihan Interval : Anda boleh melakukannya dengan joging diselang seli kelajuan tinggi dengan mencecah 85% daripada kadar nadi maksimum selama 30 saat hingga 1 minit dengan diselangi oleh kelajuan perlahan atau rehat 1 minit hingga 2 minit. Agak mudah untuk dilakukan.
  8. 8. Rehat dan Tidur : Dapatkan rehat dan tidur yang mencukupi. Pastikan anda sentiasa mendapat rehat dan tidur yang mencukupi. Anda perlukannya untuk memastikan badan anda sentiasa berada dalam keadaan bersedia. Terutamanya menjelang hari larian anda, pastikan anda dapat rehat dan tidur yang cukup. Kegagalan berbuat demikian mungkin akan mempengaruhi prestasi larian anda.
  9. 9. Mula Perlahan : Menjelang hari larian anda. Inilah masanya untuk anda lakukan yang terbaik. Mulakan larian anda dengan kadar yang sederhana atau sedikit perlahan. Ingat bahawa anda perlu simpan stamina anda untuk berlari jauh dan agak lama. Ramai yang tewas dipertengahan kerana keghairahan memecut di awal larian.
Semoga tip-tip diatas sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu anda menjelang hari larian anda.

Don't throw away your cell

Don't throw away your cell. The classification of mobile phones as "possibly carcinogenic" isn't as scary as it sounds.
  • The WHO has classified cell phones as "possibly carcinogenic," but there are still many open questions.
  • Most research suggests that cell phones do not pose an increased cancer risk.
  • If worried, people can text or use headphones to reduce radiation exposure from wireless phones.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Siri Menjawab Tohmahan Bodoh: “Usrah Barbican”

Siri Menjawab Tohmahan Bodoh: “Usrah Barbican”

Ada seekor blogger bernama “Penembak Babi” telah memberi gelaran “Puak Babrican” kepada sekumpulan bloggers yang beliau benci sangat-sangat. Kebencian beliau berputik dari sikap beberapa blogger yang “Anti-UG”.

Beliau merujuk kepada gambar ini:

Oleh kerana beliau bengang sangat, sampai minum Babrican pun nak dijadikan isu. Dia sedar tak Babrican ni dijual hatta di Mekah. Ia adalah produk jualan sebuah syarikat milik warga Saudi bernama Aujan Industries. Aujan Industries ditubuhkan pada 1909 oleh Ahmad Aujan yang berasal dari Bahrain (masa tu Bahrain dgn Saudi ni satu).

Minuman ini dijual di seluruh Saudi Arabia hatta di Mekah dan sekitar Masjidil Haram. Kalau kita beli sebotol, kita boleh bawak minuman Barbican sampai depan Kaabah. Takkan ada orang akan marah dan melarang. Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut, sila baca kat sini. Tapi tak taulah mamat ni boleh paham sebab laman web Aujan ni takda dalam bahasa Tranung. Yang ada dalam bahasa omputih sama Arab.

Ni nak kata orang bodoh sombong. Dah bodoh, tak boleh diajar. Bahlol dan baghal. Dia kata dia penembak babi, baik dia tembak dia sendiri sebab otak lagi rendah dari babi.
Mamat ni sengaja guna nama “Puak Barbican” sebab nak bagi kiasan kononnya blogger-blogger anti UG ni rapat dengan arak. Ni semua permainan bodoh Penembak Babi yang perangai macam babi.

Dan semua blogger2 Pro UG pun sambut guna perkataan ini. Padanlah dengan mereka menyambut benda ni sebab IQ mereka pun rendah. Mereka tak sedar, BARBICAN ini adalah produk syarikat milik orang Islam yang bermula semenjak 1905.

Ni contoh orang jahil berlagak alim. Last-last diri sendiri yang malu

Tulang Besi