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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Truth About Your Potential With Women

Let’s be honest here...
How good can you REALLY become with women? Can you REALLY get to the point where you can approach and pick up almost any woman? Is it possible for you to REALLY have several attractive women chasing you and trying to get into a relationship with you?
The answer may surprise you...
I recently came across a 'hidden truth' about a guy’s POTENTIAL for success with women and in life. It goes like this: When you’re performing at a new level, it is simply a glimpse of your true potential.
What does that mean for you and your success with women? It means that each time you experience an improvement in your abilities with women, you should recognize it and realize that it's just a GLIMPSE of what you can achieve. .
Too often, guys make a HUGE MISTAKE when it comes to success with women. Plagued by ineffective mindsets, they fail to see what is happening right before their eyes. Here’s an example of the critical mistake in action:
A guy interacts with a BEAUTIFUL woman and she shows him interest. He gets excited and feels a RUSH of attraction for her. Then, his insecurities begin to kick in.

  • He worries about stuffing it up.
  • He doubts that she’d actually go for a guy like him.
  • He fears that if he tries to make a move, she’ll reject him.
  • He begins to show obvious signs of nervousness.
She notices that he’s nervous, simply by looking at subtle changes in his body language and eye contact. She loses interest. Throughout the following year, the guy interacts with 5-10 more beautiful women and experiences the same thing, over and over:
He gets nervous...the woman notices...she loses interest...his opportunity is gone.
As the years go by, he begins to AVOID beautiful women (even though they are what he truly wants), believing that they are OUT OF HIS LEAGUE and are just not interested in a guy like him. Every now and then, he meets a beautiful woman by chance, but continues to stuff it up because he:

  • Doubts that she would like a guy like him.
  • Is more worried about trying to say something cool or funny, than listening to what the woman is saying. Thus, killing the conversation.
  • Worries that he will get rejected if he tries to make a move.
  • Fears that the she would lose interest in him once she found out what he’s like as a person.
  • Believes that to date beautiful women, you need to impress the hell out of them.
  • Gives up, fearing that he won’t be able to live up her expectations.
However, he is failing to see the hidden truth about his potential with these beautiful women. That being - they are showing him INTEREST time and time again - even if only for a few fleeting SECONDS! It’s his nervousness and ‘confidence issues’ that are ruining the opportunities...not that beautiful women don’t like him.
Women are naturally-wired to DETECT a lack of confidence in men (they need to so they can find the men amongst the boys(. When a beautiful woman even gets a WHIFF of insecurity and nervousness, it causes a huge shift inside her...something she cannot control.
Just like we men cannot control our attraction for women who are physically beautiful...and our lack of attraction for women who are obese.
In the example I gave, the guy feels as though beautiful women are out of his league and are at a level that he just can’t reach, but the truth is...
When you’re performing at a new level, it is simply a glimpse of your true potential.
In his case, that means: When the beautiful women are showing him interest, it’s just a GLIMPSE of his true potential with those women. To succeed with beautiful women, he needs to fix what is causing them to LOSE their attraction for him.
Luckily for us men, we CAN fix our attractiveness because most of the attraction that a woman feels for a man is based on his confidence. You only need to stop now and think about all the confident guys you they do well with women? I'm guessing the answer is "Yes".
Here's the cold, hard truth of the matter...
If you don't believe that when you are performing at a new level, it's just a GLIMPSE of your true potential, then that is going to be your problem...probably for life. The guys who do believe it are the ones who end up sending me success stories.
These guys are no different to you or me. We're all just guys...we are modern men in the world. The fact is: How you THINK about yourself and how you rate yourself is not only going to affect your life with women, but your entire life and what you achieve throughout it. Your level of belief in yourself will either hold you back, or push you forward to where you want to be.
There's no need to hold yourself back. There's no need to continue doubting yourself, putting yourself down and saying that you can't. You CAN have it all. You CAN be one of the confident guys who has women offering themselves to him.
This area of your life CAN be completely under your control. Let me tell you from personal experience: There's nothing better than having several beautiful women attracted to you at once. Then having the power to choose one (or sometimes more) of the women to enjoy an amazing sexual, loving relationship with.
There's also nothing better than no longer having to worry about this area of your life. Knowing that you will never, ever have to struggle to get a woman ever again.
Like many of the guys I know who are at the mastery level say, "This is so easy now...I can't believe I used to suck so bad at's just so easy now..."
It really is...
At the mastery level, women basically offer themselves to you. It's unreal. Don't cheat yourself out of this. You DO deserve it and you CAN have it.

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