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Monday, December 26, 2011


If an appearance is usually the first thing which attracts a man to woman, the features which seem to be attractive to women in men are a bit different. In must be said, that a handsome face and gorgeous shape are quite important, however dominant positions occupy other men’s traits. Are you striving for finding out 5 winning characteristics? Then read and assess your suitability.
#1 Self-confidence
Self-confidence is a crucial feature which serves as an evidence of a man’s success. Since women want to be supported, they automatically pay attention on a confident individual of the opposite sex. If a man has a high self-esteem, this will trigger a woman to think that he is a worthy candidate. Otherwise self-doubt prevents a woman to be attracted to a man even if he has a variety of wonderful characteristics.
#2 Intelligence
Intelligence can be considered as one the sexiest features in men. Didn’t you think over the “paradox”: why smart men are always surrounded by women? However if a man is too smart, sometimes it can only generate the difficulties for him, as his attractiveness is getting lower.
#3 Humor
One the best ways to pick up a woman is making her laugh. This well-known method is really handy even after she knows you for a long time. Humor functions as a relaxing medium which encourages the woman to trust you much. Humorous people usually seem to be easy to contact with and happier. The last one provides a hope for the woman that this man can make her happy too.
#4 Strength
Men are physically stronger than women, and this distinguishing trait attracts them to men so much. A woman unconsciously thinks that a strong man is more supportive and more capable to provide protection to her. However superfluous devotion to sport hardly attracts any woman.
#5 Mystery
As the men, the women like mysterious guys. She should think that she doesn’t know about you everything. Be unpredictable and try to surprise her with your secret talents, for instance. This will make her looking at you at a different angle of view deeming you are more interesting then she expected before.

So, these are the basic “instruments” which make a man more attractive. However each man has his own special arsenal which works as a perfect tool for enticing a woman.

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