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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney and Obama Stand Firm with Zionist Global Conquest

Romney and Obama Stand Firm with Zionist Global Conquest

Mitt Romney, sporting a yarmulke, prostrated himself before the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on Sunday in his attempt to prove that he could bow lower at the feet of Zion than Barack Obama. In televised discussions with Israeli Zionist King Netanyahu, Romney made it clear that, if elected, he would acquiesce to and support any and all future Israeli aggression by pledging the wealth of the US and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Romney then proceeded to hold a fund raiser in Tel Aviv, where initially he announced that press coverage would be forbidden, then reversed his position shortly thereafter, saying he would allow we the people to hear his statements in front of the group of Israelis who are now bribing our candidates right out in the open.

Note: Mitt Romney is the first presidential candidate to hold a fundraiser in Israel, though we should not be surprised as there have already been fundraisers in Jolly old England. Obama likewise has been paying homage to his Zionist masters in signing legislation to provide “an additional $70 million for the security of the Israeli people”.

I think it is safe to say that, following our 2012 election, further US invasions into the Middle East are to be the order of the day. Matthew 5:9 says that “Blessed be the peacemakers, for they shall inherit the Earth”. This biblical assertion is now being countered with the mantra, “Absolute are the Zionist warmongers, for they will conquer the Earth” and the good Christian Zionists in America join in the chant and the lust for blood. *(We, at 'A Sheep No More', Bless all religions and/or faiths and utilized this article for it's content).

As the religion is pulled into the politics, the propagandists in the mainstream are declaring that the US must commit military forces to Syria if we want to be instrumental in deciding what group will replace the Assad government. You see this is very important to US as the insurgent rebels we now support are Al Qaeda and if they are successful in their endeavor, Al Qaeda will have control of Syria’s chemical weapons, which they might use on the United States as we are their enemy.

This contention would be laughable were it not an absolute fact.

The mainstream propagandists followed up their base statement by saying, “Regime change in Syria is essential as a stepping stone to regime change in Iran.”

These proposed actions have not one thing to do with the defense of we the American people. They are on their face deliberate aggression for the purpose of Zionist global conquest. We the people, at gunpoint, are being forced to finance a military which is nothing more than a private army for the global Zionists to be used, not only to further the globalists’ goals, but even against we the people, if we stand up in opposition.

Foreigners are being invited into the ranks of our military and foreign troops are being stationed on our soil, as the final conquest of Zionism must begin here with the subjugation of the Christian gentile population. United we must fight the armies of evil as the fate of the world and our immortal souls hang in the balance.

God (or whatever your faith may be) give us the strength to persevere.

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