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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How Men Tackle Girls Who Talk Too Much

Many men insist that girls can't stop talking. How do they deal with it?

Just as men can't stop watching cricket - at least, some of them - many girls can't stop talking. Or, so say men. What do girls talk about? It could be about anything under the sun: that is, subjects such as cooking, knitting, problems with buddies or with domestic help and discussions on what to buy especially if it is unnecessary!

Dumb men twitch their eyebrows, thereby expressing their displeasure, and invite the ire of the opposite sex. But smart men use smart tactics.

Among them are:
Nod, nod, nod: Nodding to everything that a girl says is a cool device. It doesn't take much effort, and the 'nodder' can afford to be on some other planet - mentally - while the girl believes that he is with him all the time. Works, this one.

The odd 'yes' or 'no': Wake up every 15 minutes, and react to what the girl says. Just a 'yes' or 'no' is fine, as long as your usage of the monosyllable makes contextual sense. This is especially useful with girls who are wary of guys of the nod variety. In other words, when you answer, they are convinced that you aren't merely hearing, but actually listening.

Go to the washroom: The best device any man can use. See, if you interrupt a girl's monologue to make a telephone call, or switch on the television, she will get bugged with you. If you attempt to leave the place, you will stir a dormant volcano and the lava will hit you hard. But if you say, 'sorry, I need to go to the washroom', no reasonable girl will be annoyed. Once you go to the washroom, you can relax and read the comics pages of a newspaper. When you come out, you will be rejuvenated and ready to handle the second part of the monologue.

Just as many girls need to deal with men who can't stop watching TV, many guys need to live with girls who can't stop talking. But then, as they say very famously, every problem has a solution. Where there is a brain, there is a way. 

PS:Be A Smart Man ! :))

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