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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Richard Branson hails top ‘Intrapreneurs’

Ashoka have today revealed the first four people to win the inaugural League of Intrapreneurs, with top business minds from around the world – including Virgin’s Richard Branson – praising their efforts.

The important role played by social entrepreneurs in helping to meet development challenges in society is well documented, with some of the most successful going on to become household names or to win Nobel Prizes. But what about the unsung heroes inside established organisations?

These are people (of any seniority) whose contributions can amount to shifting development challenges up a CEO's agenda or bring the expertise of a multi-national to bear on identifying and solving a specific social problem: these are the Social Intrapreneurs and the focus of today’s awards lunch.

The awards, organised by Ashoka Changemakers, were announced from among hundreds of worthy nominees from around the world with the winners receiving pro bono consulting support from Accenture in order to take their ideas and action to the next level.

“Social intrapreneurs are demonstrating to the world how business can be a force for good,” commented the Virgin Group Founder, who has been a supporter of the initiative along with fellow business leaders such as Accenture’s Gib Bulloch: “People have got to be the change they want to see in their company (apologies Ghandi). But that takes vision and bravery. All of the finalists have these qualities and I only hope they inspire others in big organisations around the world to follow their example”

The winners list:

Aparecida Teixeira de Morais – Tribanco (Part of the Martins Group)  

Graham Simpson – GSK

Sacha Carina van Ginhoven – TNT Express

Mandar Apte, Shell International

"The game is changing fast: Value now comes chiefly from contributing to change, not repetition,” explained Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton. “That means that the new measure of success for any organization is: "What percent of your people are intrapraneurs and how effective are you at enabling them to work together fluidly and openly?"

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